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Dogs DD - new friends in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

Kojima Productions has brought a system which is promising team systtem in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (MGS V: The Phantom Pain). In addition Quiet female sniper, game also has a pet alongside Snake in the mission, which is DD dog. 
DD is the short name of the Diamond Dog. This wolves were found in a forest in his journey. After being taken by Snake, DD will get caring and training to become a powerful wolf by Ocelot. Even DD also injured himself and had to wear an eye patch on his right eye, similar to Snake. 

After this training process, DD could follow Snake or Big Boss when it's performing in mission where is required by players. It is unclear responsibilities and capabilities of DD in game screen, but the fans were anxious to see this cute wolf. The reaction of the gaming community similar to what happened when Infinity Ward announced the arrival of Riley, companion dogs in Call of Duty: Ghost.
Within the framework of the Tokyo Game Show 2014 , boss of studio Kojima Productions - Hideo Kojima has revealed that wolf DD, as well as the Quiet and Snake horses could be dead and can not be revived. Despite these side quests aside, the death of the companion characters will not affect the game's main storyline. Players can skip and finished the game without side character. In addition, there are many other minor characters yet to be revealed. One of the telltale signs that the helicopter takes players to position task to 4 seats for NPC.

Monster Hunter 4G for Nintendo 3DS (3DS)

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (called Monster Hunter 4G in Japan) is the upcoming updated release of Monster Hunter 4. Not much is known about it at the moment. It is the second game in the Monster Hunter series to be released on the Nintendo 3DS. On January 26, 2014 an enhanced edition titled Monster Hunter 4G was announced for release in Japan in Fall 2014, and will allow players to utilize Monster Hunter 4 save files. This version will be released in North America and Europe as Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate in early 2015. The new version of the game will be released alongside New Nintendo 3DS in Japan, and in addition to the separate game release it will be bundled with a 3DS LL variant of the newer console model.

Monster Hunter 4 is different from its predecessors in its strong emphasis on three-dimensional movement. Two new weapons have been added: the Insect Glaive and the Charge Axe. Underwater battling—a feature in Monster Hunter 3—has been removed.

Multiple base camps unlock as the player progresses, creating the largest cast of NPCs of any Monster Hunter game to date.

Monster Hunter 4 is the first Monster Hunter game appearing on a handheld to feature fully integrated online multiplayer. Previous titles in the series on PSP and 3DS consoles only allowed local area connections, although online play was possible by linking through a PS3 or Wii U console.

Players take on the role of a hunter on a grand adventure with a traveling caravan visiting several new locales with hundreds of quests to be cleared on the way. For the first time ever for the Monster Hunter series on a handheld system, players are able to join up with friends over the internet via the Nintendo Network, as well as the previously available local wireless option. The game introduces an expanded action set including more vertical and lateral movement, fluid climbing motions, and ability to ride atop monsters. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate also debuts two weapon classes, features new and returning monsters, and spans more locales for the most robust hunting experience than ever before.

Asian gamers were able to play PES 2015

According to the latest information from the company Konami, PES 2015 demo has begun to be launching on multiple platforms and different regions.
Today, Thursday 18/9, Japanese gamers can experience the product on the basis of the PlayStation and Xbox consoles. In the United States, the gamers have to wait until 23/9, while European gamers still do not know how long they could play the game
Kích thước bản demo cho hệ máy PS4 được ghi nhận là 2,49 GB.
Size PS4 console demo was recorded as 2.49 GB. 
However, though not yet opened, users can download pre installed games and trying to wait. Some gamers have found a way to unlock this demo. Some users in Asia such as Hong Kong has confirmed to play the game on PS3 and try PS4. Of course, this procedure can not be done on the Xbox. 
According to some share of users, the demo game of PES 2015 that it allows players to try 10 minutes of the game during the day on a Konami stadium which is fictional. The club is available as Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, FC Barcelona, Athletic Bilbao, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Napoli. 
PES 2015 gameplay on PS4. 
The demo for the PC version of the game has not been announced where they appear.

Walking around the Tokyo Game Show with eye's reporter game - Informer website.

Tokyo Game Show 2014 ended yesterday, with the results being evaluated as successful in bringing a new experience to viewer about the Japanese game production as well as the world. Remove prejudices previously, quality and efficiency of the big event with sexy showgirl and scandal, this year's - TGS 2014 was almost entirely focused on the representation of elite technology and gaming products detail oriented, specific and exquisite.
Let's look back at TGS 2014 - a tour round the eyes of reporter Game Informer website.
According to statistical data late yesterday, this year's - TGS 2014 is also evaluated as successful by attracting huge attention from gaming companies names, with a large number of fans. Total number of visitors in 4 days of the event is recorded as 251 832 visitors. Thus, this is the TGS organization attracted many onlookers 2nd ever, after a record of 270 197 passengers in 2013.
Lượng khách tham dự sau các ngày.
The amount of participants after the date

Appearing mod 'Nude' for The Sims 4

Not everyone likes the blurred image (censor) in The Sims, which is why the mod "not censor" was born. 
In The Sims 3, the mod has grown very strong, but that's just a part of the ability community moding. In the future,may be the player will see the mod makes your Sim character nude anytime, anywhere. Longer term, the mod "No Mosaic" for The Sims 4 will only blurred images when Sims go to the toilet, bath or breastfeeding. 
Maxis is not detailed shaping the character, so that bluring dont brought so much excitement to the game. The mod aims to help the gamers to eliminate the discomfort associated with the image blur caused, rather than for those who like to see their characters nude. However, it can also be used by smugglers players enthusiastic developers after they punished by a bug in the pirated versions of the game that each image is  fading when Sims character go toilet.

Minecraft could become Microsoft's exclusive game?

Microsoft is offering $ 2.5 billion number for buy back Mojang which is Minecraft game development studios. Many experts believe that Microsoft is planning to take advantage of one of the best-selling game of all time.
Microsoft is trying to lure developers to the Windows Phone platform. No surprise, 3% of the mobile market is not enough to convince developers bring their products to Windows Phone. If the promise of equipment dedicated to the development, with a free Windows version and $100 of voucher  in Unity Asset Store which is not enough to change the situation, Microsoft will never keep up with Apple and Google in the race equipment mobile..
Many people are speculating about the impact of the deal which is buying Minecraft on Playstation, but the bigger question is what it means for Microsoft's customers.
Threshold Project was the codename for Microsoft's new plan, which aims to integrate the mobile platform, desktop and gaming systems. The project takes its name from the Halo series, like Cortana, realizing the idea of ​​using unified experience for the user, has been implemented with a unified market applications. With the moving not clearly for Threshold, a deal like the rich guy who is buybing the expensive work to demonstrate their abilities. The next move of giants Microsoft and their impact to the gaming community will remain a mystery.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call for Nintendo 3DS (3DS)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (シアトリズム ファイナルファンタジーカーテンコール Shiatorizumu Fainaru Fantajī Kātenkōru?, pronounced "theatre-rhythm") is a rhythm video game. A sequel to the 2012 video game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy and the latest title in the rhythm series, it features similar gameplay to its predecessor. It was released for the Nintendo 3DS on April 24, 2014 in Japan, on September 16, 2014 in North America and in Europe on September 19, 2014.

The game uses the same gameplay as its predecessor. If a red note appears the player has to tap the screen; if a green note appears the player must hold the stylus down until the second end of the note passes; and with yellow notes, the player must slide the stylus in the direction of the arrows on them. Field Music Sequence, Event Music Sequence and Battle Music Sequence stages make a return. The field songs correspond to the Final Fantasy games they originate from. If it's an airship level, it will have the airship from that game. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call also includes a versus mode along with the return of "Quest Medley mode", where the player takes on various quests to add new Final Fantasy allies to their group.  The new "Versus Battle Mode" is for rhythmic multiplayer action; the mode will have two players playing the same song and will aim for the higher score. Players can inflict different status effects on one another. Hitting it can also give a chance of acquiring items. The Critical Hit. One can also acquire more RP by clearing stages without missing notes. The points can be used to add bonuses to selected characters.  The EX Burst Gauge fills by hitting the notes on beat.  Everything is done in increments. The player must to play single player mode songs and earn points to unlock every game mode, as well as options within each mode.


Curtain Call's engrossing gameplay and its wealth of music make it easy to recommend to anyone with fond memories of Final Fantasy. Everything within is a tip of the hat to the series at large, and without the experience and context to know what you're looking at, it may be one of the most baffling mixes of characters, creatures, and events ever assembled. That doesn't detract from the high-quality music and gameplay within, but for a game grounded in nostalgia, it's hard to deny that it might not excite people who aren't fans of the series. But, for those who are, Curtain Call is a heartfelt walk down memory lane. It's hard to imagine fans of Final Fantasy not leaping at the chance to reconnect with their memories and some of the most beautiful music from the history of Final Fantasy, and playing Curtain Call is the perfect way to do so.