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RPG MAKER VX 2015 - Video trailer

RPG MAKER VX (RPGVX) is a dedicated tool for creating games RPGs (Role-Playing Games). Any game that is created from RPGVX can freely use the author's liking without in any violation of the copyright laws.

Great photos:
You can use the 32-bit mode, up to 640 x 480 Pixels. Images are high treatment leads to smoother unable impeccably. Mixed effects help photos look better and become smooth image edges unlike previous software ...

Rich sound:
Integrated Sound soundtrack and make your game more interesting part. You can also use background music, Sound of their own if the RPGVX supply is not enough. With this sound system, players will never be bored while playing the game that you create.

RGSS further with:
RPGVX give you more part RGSS language (Ruby Game Scripting System). With the Script available or to write, you can customize your game add rich, advanced and more flexible. This is the part that that RPG Maker different from other software.
Another great element of RPGVX again is: you can create a game completely in English game