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Jay is Games dot Com Review !

Jay is Games dot Com offers a free online experience with the best free online games. You can read their daily honest reviews and walkthroughs, play flash games, discuss about them. Jay Is Games dot com is a leading free games and Online game review site. 

Since 2003, them review every day only the best, including casual games, flash games, arcade games, indie games, download games, shooting games, escape games, RPG games, puzzle games, mobile games and much more. Submit your Game: Don't just read reviews or play flash games on, submit them! Submit ytheir game now and them might release it in homepage. 

Use their game submission form. Check us back often! Them add new games every day and only the best games, this is post Jay is Games dot Com Review from Make Own Game dot Com

I read is Jay 's Games, you can read Jay is Games or Jay Game, good game :D Free Flash Games Online or read Game review at Jay is Games dot com, all for free

Jay is Games dot Com Review !

Game Gakuen K Wonderful School Days for Sony PSP Review !

Gakuen K Wonderful School Days is Adventure Game for Sony PSP by Idea Factory from Japan, and here is this post Game Gakuen K Wonderful School Days for Sony PSP Review from Make Own

Gakuen K Wonderful School Days = Wonderful School Days = Gakuen K = Game !

with Wonderful School Days, you will feel chool air, don't forget Gakuen K, the Game Wonderful School Days will launch about 10/30/2014, if you have comment for Gakuen K Wonderful School Days or Game, put coment au under here ,

Play Gakuen K and more cool with the world game and world game, Gakuen K will coming soon !

== === == === == === ==

use Google Translate for translate from Japanese  
Hero was just a normal high school student, but the ability to wake up suddenly, it would be a runaway. 
The hero that are marginalized by the ability, it was forced to drop out. 
Testimonial arrives principal of "super" in reed school, Miwa word from there, 
It will be moving in to the "super" in reed school as exceptional. 

Is guided by the school kind classmate, to Yukisome Kikuri 
Are you excited about the new school life even for a moment, 
I would have been caught up in the conflict between the club. 

It was not dispute is, two of the special club of seven gathering ability person, 
Red section and [aka "吠舞 Luo"] blue [section known as "Scepter 4"]. 

It's helped a hero who had been keeping an eye on each director by some freak coincidence is 
It was three people night sword God Inuro director of Silver section is one of the special club, and Isa 那社, cat. 

Is surrounded by characters who full of personality, new school life of the hero kick off.

Ninety's blog Review !

Hi morning, i just search on Google and see Ninety Blog, at here, Ninety been share for Animation, Game and more. Keep in mind  i and Ninety don't a native English speaker !

On this site you’ll find a number anime reviews. Therefore it is appropriate to explain a rating scale. An explanation of the grades I give to anime series.
Reviews  in my view are breakdowns, in this case anime, in which the reviewer gives his take on a series. Explaining what made the show good or bad and if it is worth picking up. Of course it is a greatly biased post in which a grade is given with the anime and personal preference in mind.
The Grades
10: This is an absolute masterpiece. This anime did not have any flaws or shortcomings that ruined the experience. The series managed to create a perfect blend between story, character development, visual design, soundtrack and atmosphere. Highly unlikely to ever see a 10-graded series as perfection does not exist.
9: A very strong show. This series has, despite its very good set up and execution, not used its full potential. It could’ve explained more about the characters or setting. Despite its minor shortcomings, the series told an engaging story with convincing characters placed in a credible world.
8: An anime series with a credible story and convincing characters. Unlike 9-graded series, this show left out a decent amount of story elements that could make the experience more engaging.  This show needed more story- and/or setting building to complete the package. Although this show didn’t use all its potential, it created a credible world with characters that interacted on a natural level.
7: A show that left out a considerable amount of story that damaged the overall experience. The series did a brave effort to engage the viewer, but its shortcomings didn’t help the story develop into a convincing show. This series had pacing issues in which it went too fast or too slow. The soundtrack or visual design was lacking. It left out portions of the story that could pull the viewer further into the show. The overall show was entertaining, but not fully convincing.
6:This anime series didn’t feel complete. It leaned too much on cliché and had severe pacing issues. The pacing issues resulted in dull moments that pushed the viewer away from the show.  There was no real effort to give the story telling a twist. The soundtrack, visual design or characters were way below average and were noticeable throughout the course of the show. There is still a target audience that might appreciate this kind of show, saving this series from a lower grade.
5: A five graded series didn’t reach the status of entertaining and spiraled into the boring.  This show lacked convincing plot, characters and setting. There was little to no story development and characters were only created to move the story to its next event.  This anime wasn’t credible at any given moment, throwing away its chances to at least become a 6-graded show.
4-1: You probably won’t see a show that is graded this low. These shows are not worth mentioning or watching.

Hi Guy, hi Ninety and hi blog ( Ninety), A Nice Day !
This is post Ninety's blog Review from Make Own !

Ninety's blog Review !

GameTop dot Com Review !

This is Game Top dot Com Review from Make Own Game, GameTop have more and very game, game is goods, full, free, free download so you can freedom : down and play game !

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At here, you will find over 1000 game of full-version PC and online games. Whether you enjoy racing games, action games, shooting games or car games, they have a vast selection of free games to choose from. But the fun doesn’t end there. they have war games, sport games and car games. they have games for kids, games for girls, puzzle and hidden object games, not to mention old school classics like solitaire, pool, poker and mahjong. You can download freeware games for Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98 or play online flash games at Apple Mac.

they update our game frequently, so be sure to check back often to see what types of new downloadable free games and flash games are being offered. Chances are they will have what you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter what type of games you like because GameTop has games for everyone. Play our free games today and set a new high score.

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info from Game Top dot com and this is GameTop dot Com Review from Make Own Game dot Com !

GameTop dot Com !

Play-Asia dot Com Review !

I am pulisher at Play Asia Games, and today, i would writer one review for Play Asia.Com, this is post Play-Asia dot Com Review from Make Own Game dot Com !

Play Asia dot Com been create in 2002 and is a leading online retailer providing video games, Xbox, PlayStation, PS Vita, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Nintendo 3DS,... with professional staff , them always development, and support customers, pulisher

and Play Asia Mission

We aim to provide:
• Large variety and selection of merchandise
• Quick delivery times
• Competitive prices

• Satisfactory customer service prides itself in providing customer satisfaction. We take all measures to have your inquiries answered within a few hours and not exceeding 24hrs (except on weekends). Our highly trained staff is happy to answer any questions that you may have. uses its own e-commerce solution for its website which provides ease of use, high security and data protection. Rest assured your information is safe with us. focuses on Hong Kong and the Asia-Pacific region but also offers selected items for worldwide shipping.

if need support, don't forget contact with Play Asia Games, this is Play Asia Game Review, and if you have comment, review then put comment at under here or contact with us .

Play Asia Games